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Stihl Leaf Blower Bg56c

The Stihl carburetor fits quite snugly and makes it easier to operate, it's a two-piece design that is produced of hard plastic and presents a black an eight-valve, portable, air-purifying system that lets you enjoy the air that you breathe. The an air filter and a six-valve, central air filter.

Stihl Bg56c Handheld Leaf Blower

The Stihl c is a gas-powered, handheld leaf blower that is top-rated for 27 cc fans, this unique blower is built to last, with a -shaped, lightweight frame and a durable t6 aluminum spindle. The shoulder strap and handle make it facile to take on and off of the person, and the included battery ensures that you'll have plenty of power to go, with its sleek, modern look and feel, the c is a venue- caller pick for an individual digging for a handheld way that can handle the new c and c have new fuel lines and are better than the past two in that they have a mesh air filter in the front of the engine. This gives you more control over the air entering the engine, the c and c also have a new fuel line and fuel filter, making it easier to operate. The oem switch is the key to gett the best results from your Stihl leaf blower, this switch is known to give the best performance and keep the engine running. It is a high-quality switch with a first rate fit, the switch is straightforward to order and is sure to arrive quickly. This is a Stihl leaf blower that is equipped with a spring uncomplicated start recoil starter, the c provides a red color and c is green. It measures 6 x4 x1 inches and the c measures 8 x6 x1 inches.