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Trivac Leaf Blower

Looking for a reliable 3-in-1 leaf blower that can eradicates all types of leaves? Don't search more than the worx trivac, this leaf blower comes with a vacuum cleaner system and a leaf collection system, making it effortless to clean. Plus, it provides a mulcher that can be used for a large variety of leaves, making it sterling for collecting leaves for planting.

Mulcher Yard Vacuum

The worx Trivac 12 amp electric 3-in-1 leaf blower is top-grade for cleaning up your mulcher yard, this blower provides an 12 amp power and is able to reach up to 25 feet of lawn with ease. Additionally, it presents a low noise level and an 8 hp motor that will leave your yard clean and organized in no time, the Trivac leaf blower is a splendid surrogate to breathe air into your plant growth spurt. The tri-folding "leaf" weekends at the front of your plant are top grade for cleaning or picking plants up from under leaves is an outstanding alternative to add value to your tank, the Trivac blower comes with an included vacuum, making it straightforward to clean. The vacuum can be used for picking plants up from under leaves, and blowing away dirt and dust, the Trivac leaf blower is conjointly top-of-the-heap for sucking up water from the soil or watering your plants. The worx Trivac wg505 3-in-1 leaf vacuum blower is a powerful and basic to operate leaf blower that can quickly and easily clean leaves and bushes, the worx Trivac wg505 3-in-1 leaf vacuum blower is terrific for use in areas with dense foliage. The blower gives an 3-in-1 leaf vacuum feature that can clean any leafy green surface, the Trivac leaf collection bag is a fantastic substitute to keep your vacuums running and look fashionable! It is manufactured of durable materials and comes in a variety of colors to suit any room in your home.