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Billy Goat Leaf Blower

The Billy Goat force series leaf blower is a best-in-class substitute for an admirer hunting for a powerful and efficient leaf blower, this blower imparts all the features people look for, including a front-end speed of just 0. 30 mph, and an all-original look and feel, with an automatic shut-off system that will keep you from having to keep using it.

Billy Goat Self Propelled Leaf Blower

This Billy Goat self-propelled leaf blower is an enticing tool for advancing the agenda or performing less-known tasks, the 13-hp model is top-quality for growing citrus trees, while the 18-hp is for operating an u-hanger. The walk-behind model gives the Billy Goat a sense of accomplishment as it of a task, the Billy Goat leaf blower is an unique hard surface vacuum mulcher that will help to remove leaves from the upholstery and glass of your car or home office. The device is basic to use, just set the leaf blower to the task and hold the switch, then, control the suction with your hand, the leaf blower will stop and allow you to clean the device with a dry cloth and then re-set it to the original task. The Billy Goat 831018 hose kit is a practical way to keep your Billy Goat wanting good no matter when she needs to water, this kit includes both a hose and brush head, so you can keep your bike fix-it. This Billy Goat offers an 6 hp wheeled blower engine and it can handle 8 hp, it is a leaf blower that is designed for residential use. This Billy Goat provides an 6 hp engine and it can reach 25 it is furthermore capable of delivering 8 of force in the air.