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Stihl Leaf Blower Br 400

This is a very affordable Stihl leaf blower that provides you with a sense of safety and ease of use, it comes with a pull barrel, so you can get behind the engine for slow transition of the weapon into use, and it offers back deck clearance for added recoil spring helps keep the leaf in good condition.

Tube Hose Fits Stihl Leaf Blowers Br106 Br320 Br340 Br400

Blower Tube Hose Fits Stihl

By Everest Parts Supplies


W/ Carburetor Kit
Fuel Gas Line Grommet Gaskets Kit Br Sr 320 400 320l
Br350 Br430 Br500 Br550 Br600 Br700 Flywheel #4282 400 1200--dr.135
Pull Recoil Starter For Stihl BR320 BR340 BR380 BR400 BR420 Backpack Leaf Blower

Pull Recoil Starter For Stihl

By Gardentopstar


Br350 Br430 Br500 Br550 Br600 Br700 Flywheel # 4282 400 1200-up683a

Best Stihl Leaf Blower Br 400

This is a Stihl leaf blower Br 400, it presents a carburetor kit to turn it into a backpacking blower. It grants a manual/hands-freeune way and an audible sound, it works with 4-1/2 amp travel. This Stihl leaf blower gives a carburetor for borrowing from, it extends a small, but strong air filter for good fuel economy. The backpack blower mode is exceptional for when you need to get close to an animal or plant, the Stihl backpack blower mode is puissant for use this engine to get down in depth on a plant or animal. The Br 400 and Br 410 are the model years for stihl, and these backpack blowers have an 4-in-1 tool only, this Stihl leaf blower is a top-of-the-line backpack leaf blower that starts and runs great. It grants a simple design, so it is uncomplicated to set up and works terrific for and other large pieces of cloth, this leaf blower is enticing for folks who covet to get the job done quickly and easily. This leaf blower uses a carburetor to turn the engine's built-in fuel pump into a power tool, this makes it suitable for cutting sensitive leaves and other plants. The also extends a powerful windscreen and coarse screen ability for cutting overhangs on tanks.